Month: May 2015

PVC & Sustainability 2015 – 6: Raising Global Awareness

In 2014, VinylPlus agreed proposals to launch a sustainability label scheme for PVC products, with criteria including responsible sourcing and product traceability. Although the main focus has been on European producers, VinylPlus has also made presentations across the world, both to disseminate knowledge and to encourage similar schemes in different countries. The regulations across the […]

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PVC & Sustainability 2015 – 4: Recycling

Launched in 2011, VinylPlus is a ten-year voluntary industry commitment to present a comprehensive approach to sustainable development. In partnership with The Natural Step, an international sustainability NGO, VinylPlus was preceded by Vinyl 2010, which began to address widely expressed environmental concerns about the impact of PVC production. Back in 1999 there was no organized […]

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PVC & Sustainability 2015 – 5: Sustainable Use of Additives

The European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) has long been active in its efforts to control its members’ production processes, operations and emissions into the environment. Under VinylPlus and its previous initiatives it has sought to respond to environmental concerns about the constituent materials used in the manufacture of PVC products. Essentially, there are two […]

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