A Sporting Chance

A Sporting Chance

There are many more locations than one would expect where antimicrobial wall panels can provide real benefit. We think of their impact being largely in critical medical areas such as operating theatres, cleanrooms and isolation wards, or in restaurant kitchens where cleanliness, and a whole range of other health & safety issues are under increasing scrutiny.

As well as the obvious driver for patient and/or customer safety through engendering high standards of cleanliness, there are additional issues that could affect the ongoing operation of a medical facility or food related business: the threat of litigation against medical facilities where patients may become ill or die  the inadequate attention to the increasing problem of antibiotic resistant superbugs; or a restaurant shutdown, large fines, and in some cases the imprisonment of its owners where premises do not meet strictly enforced health & safety guidelines.

The business of sport is no less aware of the need to keep its top flight players and participants healthy and free from illnesses that might hinder or prevent performance. Some of the top clubs have highly sophisticated medical and physiotherapy facilities that help to minimize the time a player might spend out of action or on the treatment table. Who would have thought twenty years ago that payers would have their recovery accelerated by a few sessions in an oxygen tent? The highest paid players are insured by their management up to the hilt, so sporting clubs are acutely aware of the need to ensure there are no health & safety issues that arise from within.

Bioclad has been installed in a number of areas of some of the UK’s best known sports grounds, shown below in the changing rooms and shower rooms at the Nottingham Forest Football Academy. Major sports clubs take hygiene very seriously as they aim to minimize downtime for some of their biggest stars.


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