Antimicrobial Wall Cladding Myths – Busted! Part 2

Antimicrobial Wall Cladding Myths – Busted! Part 2

antimicrobial wall cladding

Myth 2: Antimicrobial wall cladding takes hours to work

Antimicrobial-protected surfaces work to fight microbes all the time! Laboratory tests have proved from the time of contamination it takes only 15 minutes to kill 80% of microbes and by two hours 99.9% have been killed.

Compare this to unprotected surfaces where there is no microbe-fighting properties; bacteria will remain on the surface until the next time it is thoroughly cleaned which can often be only once a day.

Myth 3: Antimicrobial wall cladding does not work in everyday environment. It needs moisture, high temperature and humidity to work. Read the truth >>

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