BioClad incorporation silver ion technology slays superbugs

BioClad incorporation silver ion technology slays superbugs

The world’s first PVC wall cladding system containing BioCote® silver ion antimicrobial technology is now available for installation in hospital wards, kitchens, serveries and WC’s.

BioClad® has been developed by Advanced Hygienic Contracting in partnership with BioCote®, the market leader in providing built-in antimicrobial surface protection.

BioClad® cladding incorporates silver ions, impregnated into the PVC panels during manufacture, forming a permanently active surface which inhibits the growth of a wide range of bacteria & moulds including MRSA, E.coli, Campylobacter and Pseudomonas by up to 99.99%.

BioCote® protected products have been extensively tested at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, with the results published in the Journal of Infection Prevention.

The study concluded that bacterial contamination could be reduced by 95.8%, complementing hygiene practices. These products go one step further in helping NHS Trusts to provide a clean and safe environment for patient care.

BioCote® protection is a safe, natural antimicrobial technology that controls bacteria 24/7, for the expected lifetime of the product* and eliminates the need for aggressive cleaning fluids.

And with all BioCote® antimicrobial protection claims being independently tested, there is a powerful argument to specify BioClad® for any hospital new build or refurbishment project where hygiene is important.

In addition, Advanced Hygienic Contracting provides a 20 year warranty for both its products and fitting, backed by the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.


*Accelerated lifecycle tests by an independent laboratory have proved that BioCote® antimicrobial efficacy or effectiveness remains high for the lifetime of the product.

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