Jeddah Maternity and Children’s Hospital

BioClad is regenerating hygiene in hospitals globally using a network of international partners to help supply our antimicrobial wall cladding and range of other antimicrobial products to healthcare centres in as far flung countries as Australia, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Jeddah Maternity and Children’s Hospital is now benefitting from the installation of eight BioPods. These fully pre-plumbed IPS Units are easy to access and maintain and also boast antimicrobial silver-ion technology which kills microbes by 99.9% to uphold a fully hygienic environment.

The project at Jeddah Maternity and Children’s Hospital also took advantage of BioClad’s all-encompassing product portfolio to transform the ICU Department, isolation rooms, a receiving area and corridors.

Alongside BioClad antimicrobial wall cladding, BioArmis wall protection was also installed. BioArmis protects high-traffic hospital areas prone to bumps and scrapes. What’s more, PhotoClad was used at the Maternity and Children’s Hospital to create an aesthetic finish to the hospital environment.

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