Piece of mind with BioClad CE Marking

Piece of mind with BioClad CE Marking

BioClad CE Marking

BioClad wall cladding boasts a CE marking on its products to ensure customers can install our wall cladding safe in the knowledge they are meeting European law.

What is CE Marking?

CE marking was introduced when a European directive came into force. The law covering CE (an abbreviation for the French term Conformité Européenne meaning European Conformity) is a quality control measure to ensure that products being bought and sold within the EU are safe to use across all EU countries. It is an overarching seal of approval so manufacturers, installers and end-users can uphold quality control, adhere to the law and don’t have to meet various countries’ different hallmarks.

Why buy CE Marked Wall Cladding?

The CE Marking safety assessment covers technical components, manufacturing methods and chemical composition through rigorous checks for any potential negative impact that the goods could have upon the user or the wider environment. Failure to use CE registered products in construction can result in prosecution for failing to ensure public safety. To learn more about CE marking, got to: www.gov.uk/ce-marking

BioClad seal of approval

Our wall cladding has obtained CE certification meaning that they have been recognised as being a products that are of high quality. Our range has achieved many quality assurance and safety certifications that are recognised around the world including ASTM E84, ISO 9001, IOS 14001 & ISO 18001. BioClad antimicrobial wall cladding is also continuously tested to ensure its antimicrobial silver is and remains effective after installation.

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