Doors, Windows, & Other Obstacles

Doors, Windows, & Other Obstacles

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Fitting a flat PVC panel to a wall or plasterboard surface. And sometimes it is, but if only it was always that simple!

It starts with the condition of the wall and what material it is made of, whether the building is a new build where you would expect walls to be straight, or a renovation project where more often than not older walls will need to be cleaned and prepared to accept hygienic wall panels. Surfaces need to be flat and clean so that there is no possibility for micro-organisms to grow and flourish behind the panels, and full coverage adhesive on the back of a panel will never substitute for wall filler!

Even new build installations have doors, windows, light fittings, electrical points, and other fittings and fixtures to get in the way. So it is essential to be certain of their position in relation to the installation of every panel. No, it isn’t rocket science but accurate measuring is vital if you are not to waste panels or sections of them. The photographs shows our installer setting measurements to accommodate a light switch.

IMG_0177 copy

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