Food & Catering Contamination

Food & Catering Contamination

Food contamination is a serious threat to the food and catering sector, BioClad protection can help reduce this risk.

With food poisoning outbreaks never failing to reach the media’s attention and institutes such as the UK’s Food Standards Agency closely monitoring hygiene in all catering establishments, the need for exceptional standards has never been greater.

One of the main causes of food-borne illness is the transfer of harmful bacteria, such as E. coli or Salmonella, this transfer is known as cross-contamination.

BioCote®, the antimicrobial addititve within BioClad hygienic wall cladding, is increasingly being used as part of the HACCP (Hazard Awareness Critical Control Points) food management protocol, working as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination. BioCote® antimicrobial technology is effective against a broad range of microbes, including E. coli, Salmonella, Staph. aureus and Campylobacter.

BioCote® antimicrobial technology is ideal for application on appliances, machinery, equipment and surroundings where food is produced, transported, packaged, stored and prepared.

BioCote Ltd understands that products using our brand are required to not only be effective in laboratory tests, but also when used in real life situations. In a study in 2008, BioCote® protected products were shown to reduce bacterial contamination on their surface by up to 96.4% in a food processing plant compared to untreated products.

BioCote® protected products can help service-providers offer their customers optimum hygiene standards and reduce the risk of cross-contamination and its potential consequences such as illness, loss of business and reputation.


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