Glasgow Royal Infirmary Sees the Light

Glasgow Royal Infirmary Sees the Light

On 23rd July we posted a news story from the University of Pittsburgh about a robot called ‘Violet’ that had been developed to tackle the growing problem of hospital superbugs. Well there is clearly something in variations of the colour purple!

Glasgow Royal Infirmary will soon switch on a system intended to wipe out lethal superbugs, marking lighting’s latest march into the field of health cure and benefits. Violet hue lights will decontaminate air and surfaces, wiping out deadly bacteria far more effectively than can any cleaning or disinfectant.

“While HINS-light (high intensity narrow spectrum) is deadly to pathogens…it is harmless to patients and staff and will allow hospitals to continuously disinfect wards and isolation rooms,” says Strathclyde researcher Michelle Maclean.

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