Operating Room Design & Staff Morale

Operating Room Design & Staff Morale

The closing decade of the 20th century in particular revealed amazing transformation in environmental design of healthcare facilities. These changes have been historically compared with the influence of Florence Nightingale, whose observations and facilitation of the nursing profession some 150 years ago left a lasting impression on healthcare settings.

A significant history exists regarding hospital architecture that reaches back to the Roman military hospitals in the first century AD. Architecture and the design of hospitals are not the only entities that have undergone extreme change. The discovery of anaesthesia in 1846, the use of carbolic spray in 1866 during surgery to avoid infection, Von Bergmann’s introduction to aseptic technique and the sterilisation of instrumentation in the late 1800s through to the introduction of keyhole surgery in the 20th century has made it necessary to provide designated facilities to encompass these technological changes in a safe environment.

Operating Theatre

Read on to understand more about how one study has found how operating room architecture and design can affect nursing staff morale: http://www.worldhealthdesign.com/Operating-room-architecture.aspx


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