antimicrobial wall cladding

Antimicrobial Wall Cladding Myths – Busted! Part 6

Myth 6. Antimicrobial wall cladding damages human health and the environment  The silver present in BioClad cannot leach or actively leave the material, therefore making it impossible to negatively effect human health or the environment. If it was possible for the silver to escape, a human or animal would have to consume a huge quantity […]

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Antimicrobial Wall Cladding Myths – Busted! Part 7

Myth 7. Antimicrobial is not proven or tested Our antimicrobial silver-ion technology undertakes rigorous and regular testing to prove it continues to fight microbes effectively. These include standard antimicrobial tests such as ISO22196:2011. It is important to also point out that the use of antimicrobials and the inclusion of chemicals such as silver are all […]

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wall cladding at schools in Aberdeen

Antimicrobial Wall Cladding Myths – Busted! Part 8

Myth 8. Non-antimicrobial wall cladding is just as good as BioClad While standard PVC cladding sheets may have bacteria-fighting properties, this is located on the surface only. Scratches and chips will harbour bacteria and allow it to both multiply and be transferred to other surfaces, therefore spreading bacteria and compromising hygiene. BioClad antimicrobial silver-ion technology […]

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More antimicrobial IPS units heading to Harrogate Hospital 

Following the installation of 10 new BioPod antimicrobial IPS units, Harrogate Hospital has specified another seven BioPods to further revolutionise the hygienic care for hospital patients across North Yorkshire. Thanks to BioClad’s bespoke BioPod IPS Unit build service, phase two at Harrogate Hospital features a wider design to their first slimline pod installation. The new […]

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BioClad wins prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Innovation in healthcare provision and international trade expansions secures BioClad with a 2017 Queen’s Award. Awards Announced Our lips have been sealed by strict embargo for some time now, but the BioClad team are now excited to be able to shout about the receipt of a prestigious Queen’s Award. BioClad is to receive the Queen’s Award in the category […]

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