The Bioclad Family in Canada

The Bioclad Family in Canada

It is nearly a year now since BioClad began to talk with potential selling partners about representing our products in Canada. We had received enquiries from the country long before then but at that time we were still putting our international building blocks in place, to enable us to provide the right level of support to any selling partners that we chose to appoint.

With the help of the British Consulate in Toronto, we drew up a shortlist of companies and individuals who looked like they might fit the bill, adding to that others whose businesses were previously known to us, or had a track record of success with complementary brands.

photo copy(1)Well by September 2013 we had got our man. Actually we got a family! The Motleys, and Derek in particular, have worked tirelessly to get the BioClad brand known, the products explained and specified, and to win business for us in Canada. It was a very important part of our decision in appointing their company, C.D.S. Distribution Inc., that we would all be able to work easily together. At BioClad we have a way of working that is both highly professional and relaxed, and our aim is to locate selling partners around the world who follow the BioClad Family ethic.

Our trips to Ontario, and his to Harrogate, have mixed some very important meetings for Bioclad, with sampling the scenery, pubs and restaurants around our respective cities. Harrogate was described in the Daily Mail in 2013 as the happiest town in Britain. Well Toronto can be pretty happy too! Derek looks pretty happy here, photographed unexpectedly as he left the lunchtime stop off that was our interval amid a day of seven back to back meetings last December. It was only coffee, honest!

So this is to say a massive thank you to Derek and his team for a highly productive and hugely positive first year. We have achieved great things together and worn each other out in equal measure, and we know it will all prove to have been worth it now that BioClad’s business in Canada has reached the take-off strip.


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