World’s First Antimicrobial Classroom – 1 Year On!

World’s First Antimicrobial Classroom – 1 Year On!

On this very day last year we posted an article about BioClad’s participation in the first ever trial of an antimicrobial classroom. Where there are kids there are germs, and we are delighted that our anitimicrobial wall panels were selected by our partners at Biocote as part of the trial.

The aim was to create a classroom that actively inhibits the growth of potentially harmful microbes, and to provide a safer learning environment for our children. Initial findings were impressive: the antimicrobial products in the protected classroom were shown to be 96% less contaminated with bacteria than corresponding items in an unprotected classroom.

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Where there are kids, there are germs! Will the antimicrobial classroom have a long term impact on absenteeism?

One year on, and findings continue to show the positive impact antimicrobial surfaces, fixtures and fittings have on reducing the levels of bacterial contamination.

  • The antimicrobial classroom continues to show less bacteria than the untreated classroom.
  • Pathogenic bacteria, which have the potential to cause sickness, were identified in the untreated classroom, and recovered.
  • The number of children reported absent due to illness in the antimicrobial classroom was 20% less than in the untreated classroom.



While we understand that a larger sample will be required to confirm these initial findings, the reduction in absenteeism is an especially exciting prospect. It is estimated that absence from work costs the UK economy £100 billion a year, so this has much wider implications for education, healthcare and business.

The study continues into its second year, in order to further understand the correlation between the use of antimicrobial products and a reduction in absenteeism. BioClad will keep you up to date with any new developments!





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