Top Five Benefits of The BioPod

Top Five Benefits of The BioPod


1. Express Service

BioClad are proud to be one of the only IPS Unit suppliers to offer an extremely short lead time. You’ll find IPS Units can take on average three months to arrive, while BioPod boasts a 10 working day turnaround time.

Couple this with BioPod’s fully pre-plumbed structure, which is super easy to install, BioClad can turnaround a project in express time. This is proving popular among hospitals and healthcare centres who can’t compromise on their facilities due to long periods or refurbishment.

2. Bespoke Build

The recognisable IPS Unit design can be spotted throughout hospitals. However, BioPod also offers a unique bespoke design service. We work closely with architects and designers to devise a custom-build BioPod that can create an all-encompassing hygienic station. This can include elements such as an integrated Danicenter, a soap and hand cream dispenser, a paper towel dispenser and an integrated waste bin.

3. Sanitaryware Choices

We’ve discovered the importance of ensuring our BioPods are compatible with a huge range of sanitaryware and this range is available for all our clients to choose from.

This also allows us to meet the needs of NHS hospitals where specified sanitaryware is required throughout the hospital. BioClad’s longstanding relationship with leading sanitaryware suppliers allows us to secure competitive rates, which we then pass onto the trust.

4. Easy Maintenance

The purpose of our BioPod is to provide unrivalled hygiene. That’s why our BioPods are fully accessible through locked panels. This allows them to be easily cleaned and maintained.

5. Antimicrobial

Our BioPods are joint-free, fully antimicrobial structures. The entire pod boasts silver-ion technology throughout which kills microbes on its surface by 80% in 15 minute and 99.9% in just two hours.

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